Easy Ways To Facilitate Choosing The Best Oil Pastel

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February 2, 2017
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February 28, 2017

Easy Ways To Facilitate Choosing The Best Oil Pastel

Beginners and artists are in a dilemma as to choosing the best oil pastel. This may even be the main question. There are students quality oil pastels and artists quality. If you are an artist, who uses paint, which one is for you? This article is all about oil pastels: how to use them; what’s the perfect paint tools to use.

How to Draw with Oil Pastels

Drawing with oil pastels may be easier said than done. The first thing you need is the subject. For beginners use an easy subject like a seashore or building. If you’re a hobbyist, choose complex subjects like landscapes.

Next step is choosing the best oil pastel and paper. If your subject is quite large, then use a bigger paper. What is the paper hue? Hobbyists use different types of paper hue and texture. This gives different effects on their work of art.

Have another paper to test on. Draw something small on your test sheet. Doing so gives you the feel of the paper and the oil pastels. Finalize your actual composition on another pastel paper.

Sketch lightly your subject outline on the actual paper. Keep the outline light so you can erase it easily.

Choose the color combinations. Determine which area should each color go. Slowly color roughly and later adds more details as you become a little bit fluid. Blend them and add more layers. Continue to mix as you add layers. Make it a fun activity.

If you are not happy with the outcome, try again next time. Practice, practice, practice!

Choosing the Best Oil Pastels

Oil pastels are available in several types. It may be hard, soft, oil and pastel.

There are few points to be aware of when choosing the perfect oil pastel.


Artists quality pastels contain a high ratio of pigments, giving a stronger and more intense color. Permanency rating is higher giving a durable finish. It’s a bit costly. Students quality are less expensive but contain cheaper pigments, thereby giving less intense color. Buying artists quality pastel is an investment. So, if you are not yet apt to purchase them, try using a set of students quality pastel.


There’s an ample range of oil pastel colors to choose from. They are sold individually or by set. You have the choice to customize your collection. You can either invest in a set of a quality starter set and later buy individual colors. In the process, you will learn the art of choosing the best oil pastel.

Check Its Safety

Safety is one consideration in selecting the best oil pastel. Though there are non-toxic pastels in the market, just take precautionary measures. Always wear a mask. Check the components of the pastel and make sure it’s safe.

How to Choose the Perfect Oil Pastel Paper

Choosing the paper depends on your preference. If you want a smooth surface to buy one which blends easily with oil pastels. In layering, select the textured type of paper. The surface type depends on the techniques you’ll apply. A thick and sturdy surface is required if you need layers of colors.

As you become more experienced choosing the best pastel oil and paper won’t be an issue.

Final Words

If painting is not an innate talent, you can still be a great artist. Have a mentor, learn and keep on practicing. Choosing the best oil pastel and paper is something you will eventually grasp.

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