What Kind of Virtual Reality Strides Are We Making in 2017?

Breakout Rooms: A New Form of Entertainment Everyone Can Enjoy.
February 1, 2017

What Kind of Virtual Reality Strides Are We Making in 2017?

Over the past year or two, we have started to see an abundance of virtual reality tech. With the newer VR headsets for your phone, you can already receive the feeling of being completely immersed in a virtual world.

Entertainment and Virtual Reality:

Movies have come out with the specific goal of creating the appearance of what we think VR should be. Cinematic theaters have already begun to include VR as an option for viewing films. Providing enough space and room for individuals to jump out of their seats without knocking one another over has proven to be the more difficult task.

Games have stepped up their programs and software to easily integrate into the virtual reality systems of the modern day. One of the coolest gaming activities we are now seeing are the VR gaming centers. These have started popping up all over with the goal of creating the most realistic experience for the user.

While wearing your virtual headset, you are released into the gaming center to start. With the typical appearance of a laser tag course, all you need is to slip on your headgear and fall into your new reality. The senses are tricked by the use of similar objects, wind, heat, cold, and whatever you might need thrown your way to keep you believing in your virtual reality. With sounds and feelings that are meant to be slightly overwhelming, you will completely buy into this new world.

With so many virtual reality movies and fiction based material, what can we expect to see in the real world version of virtual reality?

For the first time ever, you and your friends can play a real life version of a Halo or Call of Duty type first person shooter. Those are not the only options you have in VR gaming, but they do seem to be the most popular.

Virtual reality military trainingWhat Does This Mean For Technology and Medical Advancements:

For those currently working in the medical field, you already know how challenging it can be to properly teach medical students. Without having regular access to cadavers, it is getting even harder to pass down this knowledge. Using virtual reality gear to teach students in the classroom will revolutionize the way our doctors learn and the amount of knowledge they can handle. VR headsets can provide them with the necessary tools to actually look inside a human and practice surgery before ever picking up a real scalpel.

Giving med students the chance to absorb knowledge more quickly and more accurately could mean the difference between a live body and a dead one. When put into this perspective you can see just how crucial this technology could be just for medical advancement in this field. This innovation in the medical community has the potential to change modern medicine. We could even use these kinds of tech to learn how to cure diseases we never thought possible before.

Virtual reality can change the way we see and interact in the real world, not just the virtual one. That is why it will be considered the most important innovation of our lifetime.

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